Hantz Professional Recouvrer Conditioner Liter
Damaged Hair Conditioner - Liter Size
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Hantz Professional Recouvrer Conditioner Liter

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Hantz Professional Recouvrer Conditioner is ideal and specially formulated for damaged, fragile, dry, permed or color treated hair.

  • Recouvrer Conditioner utilizes emollients and proteins to lubricate, reconstruct and strengthen hair improving manageability
  • Castor bean oil is used for emolliency and as a solvent to emulsify organic soils
  • Detangles and eliminates static-fly-away hair
  • Purifies hair's outer surface
  • Formulated to neutralize medications and foreign impurities such as chlorine, paraffin and trace minerals
  • Recouvrer's blend of Panthenol and Keratin Amino Acids in a Hydrogenated Castor Bean Oil base create a unique and versatile conditioner for professional and home maintenance use

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